Marcus Melconian -

Technologist Engineer Innovator

Co-Founder - Shirinoku

Re-imagining the way we display nature in the home


Shirinoku is a London-based startup innovating new products and solutions to bring nature into the home. Our first product, The Noku Canvas, is a self-watering mini green wall for the home, reimagining the way we display plant life. The goal of this project was to make a realistic product that could be manufactured and launched on Kickstarter. The concept was made as simple as possible to deliver the necessary value proposition so that the majority of our efforts could be put into marketing, branding, business planning, and gaining valuable experience into bringing an actual product to market.

As a founder, my main contributions to the project so far have been developing the entire pre-launch site and backend from scratch in HTML/CSS/JS and Node, as well as providing direction and insight on the business side of the company, the product, and the overall brand.

Our launch date on Kickstarter is the 14th September 2021. To find out more, please check out our launch site and Instagram.