Marcus Melconian -

Technologist Engineer Innovator


Human-computer interfacing through haptics


Video edited by team member Luke Holland.

NTX is a future engineering solution, providing a novel digital sense through haptic data. Via the concept of neuroplasticity, this being the way the brain makes new neural connections, we have created a new form of human-computer interfacing, allowing users to seamlessly receive and understand tactile data through the surface of their skin. This was achieved through deep levels of tactile hardware research, neuroplastic understanding, and innovate design engineering implementation.

Please read the portfolio slides below for more details on the NTX mission, haptic dictionary, extended use neuroplasticity experiment, IoT learning system demonstration, and the NTX wrist wearable. NTX was also awarded the DESIRE award by the Dyson school of Design Engineering, at Imperial College London. This is the most prestigous award available for project work at the college.

We also designed and built an exibition to showcase our work. This exhibiton included all physical prototypes, NTX information, and the fully working immersive booth for live, short-term haptic learning through the IoT system. Below shows both the exhibiton and team at the final project show.