Marcus Melconian -

Technologist Engineer Innovator

Placement - Siemens Healthineers

Innovation Think Tank Fellow - 3 months


As part of my university Industrial Placement I completed a 3-month Fellowship position at Siemens Healthineers Innovation Think Tank (ITT), based at their global headquarters in Erlangen, Germany, operatin within the MP (Mechatronic Products) division. To see a video of my experience, posted by the head of ITT, check out the link here: Innovation Think Tank Experience.

My areas of work included: mammography biopsy, biometric sensors, patient experience, advanced therapies, healthcare robotics, medical imaging (X-ray, MRI, CT), collimator automation, human-computer interaction, and COVID-19. Applying technical skills across state-of-the-art research, literature review, novel ideation, rapid prototyping, and software development. The images below visualise some of the product areas I worked in (mammography biopsy, CT, advanced therapies).

My primary individual project was based around 5G interfacing with radiology devices. During this project I conducted state-of-the-art research related to 5G communication and radiology workflows, developed a system level network design for a private 5G hospital network, designed a novel interfacing and network stack architecture for a collimator radiology device, created a new novel radiology workflow resulting from these 5G interventions, wrote an 11-page research manuscript for journal publication as the primary author, and filed an invention dislosure. The images below visualise the area of work of the project (x-ray room, 5G, Ericsson Radio Dot, collimator).

I also aided in the running of several workshops, presenting novel technologies, conducting ideation sessions, and representing Innovation Think Tank, to audiences both locally and across multiple continents. Finally, work was also contributed to the global eITT 2020 exhibition, showcased to a vast array of industry leading professionals. Check out eITT 2020 here.

I was also featured in an Imperial news article following my placement. The article can be found here.