Marcus Melconian -

Technologist Engineer Innovator


A freestanding IoT robot


Gari is a freestanding IoT robot with 14 different modes of interaction. The medium of interfacing with Gari is through voice communication with the Amazon Alexa. A REST api webserver was designed as a communication point between Gari and the Alexa, deployed via Heroku, and the Arduino Uno and ESP8226 modules were used in tandem with the WebSocket package '' to provide a full duplex connection line. Node.js and C/C++ were the coding languages of choice, with a State Machine design implemented to allow multiple ongoing responses from Gari.

The code consists of 4 main files: the AWS Lambda function, the Heroku webserver, the ESP8226 client, and the Arduino control file. It is shared on my Github for viewing (link). Gari was completed as a solo project during the 2nd year of my engineering masters degree.