Marcus Melconian -

Technologist Engineer Innovator

Internship - ARM Holdings

IoT Services Research Intern - 3 months


A 3-month summer internship working within the edge computing R&D team as part of the IoT Services Group at ARM, based at their global headquarters in Cambridge. I took on a solo project creating a live demonstration which combined gesture recognition (computer vision) with voice NLP, to control a developed user interface whilst running purely on the edge. The system architecture I designed is visualised below.

A development video, purely demoing the reponse of the sytem due to gesture input, is shown below. An open hand plays the ReactJS page, a closed hand pauses, and a check gesture fast forwards. The detection is done through use of a Convolution Neural Network classification algorithm, running purely on the edge, implementing OpenCV, Tensorflow, and Keras for ML training.

A 20 page paper was also written documenting my research and innovation. My work was presented and successfully demoed to the research department, both local and abroad in the US, and was highly commended by the team for its innovation, software execution, and future potential usage. I was also offered an internship role the following year for a different team, stemming from my output on this project.